Roland Garros: Monfils vs Ferrer

I have to admit to being one lucky girl. One very lucky girl to be just 22, and already I’m already experiencing things I never would have thought of dreaming of five years ago…things I did dream of, but never dared to think they’d ever come true. One of those things is getting to see … Continue reading

Exploring Islam in Paris: Pt. 2

I really loved visiting the Grande Mosquée de Paris, the largest Mosque in France and the third largest in Europe (the top two are in the UK, if I’m not mistaken). The colours and patterns are so beautiful, and I was amazed that all, save the prayer room, is open to the public. 5th arrondissment.

Paris: White and Green

Some of my favorite photos from the Tuileries garden and beyond (taken December 2010 and April 2011): 

Exploring Islam in Paris: Pt 1

When you step off the train from London, one of the first things you notice about Paris is the lack of diversity. Yet, France has one of the highest populations of Muslims in Europe and the Americas, most of whom live in the outskirts or suburbs of Paris, in all-too noticeable segregation. This week seemed like … Continue reading