Alps Teaser

I have loads of photos from this past weekend spent in the Alps, but haven’t had a second to upload them…yet! Here’s just one for now! Advertisements


Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny, a small village just outside of Paris, is a photographers heaven…well it was a painter’s paradise too, since that’s where Monet spent the last 30 years of his life, painting the bridge, the japanese garden and his famous Waterlilies (on display at my absolute favorite museum in Paris Musee de … Continue reading

Bleu De Lectoure

Entrepreneurial¬†spirit is always very inspiring to me, especially within the creative arts. In the mid to late twentieth century a Belgian moved with his family to Lectour France and resurrected the tradition of making¬†pastel blue dyes out of a plant called Woad. He started with just a handful of seeds and has created a company … Continue reading

Maison Larnicol, Bordeaux

A chocolaterie in France. Looks too good to eat, right? Right.