Roland Garros: Monfils vs Ferrer

I have to admit to being one lucky girl. One very lucky girl to be just 22, and already I’m already experiencing things I never would have thought of dreaming of five years ago…things I did dream of, but never dared to think they’d ever come true. One of those things is getting to see a grand-slam tennis match. I still can’t believe I saw the first half of an epic match between Gael Monfils and David Ferrer, both world ranked top-ten tennis players. Of course, I emerged from this with a few photos to share!

The story goes like this.

On Sunday, starting at 5pm, we stood in line for 2 hours just to get a ticket to the second largest stadium. We got in just as the match between Monfils and Ferrer started. The wait was worth it! 

The stadium where the match was held, is named after a Suzanne Lenglen, who won many International titles in in the 1920s. It is the second largest stadium at Roland Garros. 
The start of one incredible match (it was a 5-setter, with an overnight break within the 3rd set. Everyone was cheering loudly for Monfils, as he is French. The dynamic was so incredible, as the players were very well matched!)
Ferrer’s serve:

Monfil’s return: 

When the umpire announced the the rest of the game would be delayed until tomorrow, I knew I wasn’t the only sad one. All the people slowly leaving the stadium at 9:30pm (look how clear light it still is!):
My only final comment is that I love living in Paris. I hope the upcoming posts will show you other reasons why.

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