Roman Baths

Here are some photos from a day at the Roman Baths, in Bath Spa, England (it took me too long to understand that the famous Bath is actually Bath Spa, when I was buying my train ticket…who knew?) The architecture, of course, is beautiful, inside and out (but unfortunately I don’t have any “successful” indoor photos) and a free audio guide comes with a ticket (you can have Bill Bryson’s commentary on everything for free, imagine that!) The town is perfect for wandering, shopping and….bathing(!) as Bath holds onto the tradition of being a thermal spa destination. So, who’s in for a bath with the Romans?

2 Responses to “Roman Baths”
  1. Nice! When did you go? Looks like you were luckier with the weather than I was last year! I’ve got a few pictures from there too:
    Keep the pictures coming! xx

  2. agrogan says:

    We just went this past Sunday…and I was just able to take advantage of a tiny break in the clouds for these photos…oh England :) xx

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