Corsica #4: Bonifacio

You thought I was done with Corsica, right? Not so, there were too many beautiful places. However, I do have some good news! Photos of England are coming next, as I have finally had the opportunity to explore more outside London…

So here is Bonifacio for you. The city on a cliff within a citadel. And if you ask me, it’s more Italian than French…the locals even speak French with an Italian accent! Bonifacio is a must-add to your list of destinations  to visit before you die, with its quaint alleys, white cliffs, and, of course, the stunning waves of the tourquoise mediterranean (right now, it is my second favorite place in the world, after Lake Baikal, but that’s another story.)

I think this is Saint- Dominique, but I’m not sure: 

We saw an Octopus!

The citadel is on top of a cliff which requires a long “hike” from the docks below:

One Response to “Corsica #4: Bonifacio”
  1. pdg says:

    Gorgeous! Looks both peaceful and vibrant.

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