London Coffee Festival 2011

I’ve always been way too much of a coffee fiend, ever since my trainer at Seattle’s Best Coffee taught me that coffee-making is, um, an art…and therefore deserves a lot of attention. If I think about it too long, I don’t really agree that much, especially since one drop of coffee goes straight to my head, and I’m not really that great at “handling my caffeine.” Coffee is coffee to me! There’s nothing more tempting than the smell of coffee beans…freshly ground….convincing you to have just one taste…and then another…and suddenly I’m addicted. I guess it’s comforting to think that my addiction is actually an art though! So this past weekend I took myself out to hipster-central London (Brick Lane) to see what London coffee is really like. I hoped to spot my favorite people at Monmouth Coffee Co. but no such luck, unfortunately!

Ethiopian Coffee Company

In reality it was all the non-coffee stuff that sustained my interest! Kokoa Collection is new on the market and beginning to supply coffee shops around London. I’d really love to see more of them around. They want to “revolutionize” hot chocolate making at coffee shops, who too often rely on boxed stuff that tastes nothing like real chocolate. And let me tell you, their hot chocolate is so good.

Kokoa Collection

Innocent Smoothies had a “count-the-mango” competition (we didn’t win):

Innocent Smoothies

This Drink Me Chai company has started making flavored chai tea. I tried mango, and I must admit it was pretty tasty! A good chai is always a welcome drink on a hot or cold day, and a good coffee alternative.

Drink Me Chai

Heavenly colors!

Heavenly Cakes

I did imbibe a lot of free stuff at this festival (including a liqueur sample) but perhaps I should have gone after the free coffee martini even though it was still before noon….?

Fratello Liqueur

Lastly, I won a  plastic darts competition at Bonne Maman! 25 points got me a goodie basket which will be coming in the mail soon. It always feels good to be a winner!

Just a shout-out to my fellow Americans! We all know who’s really winning the coffee wars…;)…(for better or for worse)

My opinion: support your local coffee grower/roaster/maker.


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