Bleu De Lectoure

Entrepreneurial spirit is always very inspiring to me, especially within the creative arts. In the mid to late twentieth century a Belgian moved with his family to Lectour France and resurrected the tradition of making pastel blue dyes out of a plant called Woad. He started with just a handful of seeds and has created a company well-known in the fabric-dying industry. After he recently passed away, his wife (an American!) carries on the project, called “Bleu de Lectoure.” Last Saturday, I visited the factory with the Lapeyry family. We had a tour of the back dying area, and received an explanation (in French of course!) about how the dye is made and used. Woad is actually yellow, but when oxygenated by air and water, it turns to green and then a beautiful pastel blue. The dye will only adhere to natural fibres, (which makes me wonder how they dyed the car!) but after three dyes, it is permanent and never fades. This little factory has many ongoing projects, including dying materials for Dior and Chanel. See below for more of what they create.


Just for fun...

Ancienne Tannerie, Pont de pile 32700, Lectoure – France

One Response to “Bleu De Lectoure”
  1. pdg says:

    So beautiful (even the surprise). What a treasure being so carefully remembered.

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