Journées du Patrimoine

In honor of “Heritage days,” many many places (including the Élysée Palace, the official residence of the President of France…) are open to the pubic. But the lines get long quickly (7 hours for the Élysée), so Simon and I tried to choose wisely which lines would move the quickest. We made it to the Lido (like the Moulin Rouge, but on the Champs-Élysées)….but only after two hours of waiting!


We got to see the costumes, and shoes, and got our photo taken as well! (do you see “Lido” written in the background?)

And the mayor’s office I found to be particularly nice:

And one of the most recent guests the Mayor of Paris has welcomed?

We sat for coffee in the sun:

And Monet’s Nympheas is truly breathtaking. No photo can capture the sense of walking into not one (but two!) rooms of Water Lilies (they have this music playing that’s like the nymphs singing to you, it’s great!)

A beautiful weekend in Paris…(oh, I didn’t tell you about the lovely French food we ate Saturday and Sunday. It was so flavorful. I finally had my first real Parisian crème brûlée ;)


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