A Paris!

Paris is truly for lovers…

Lovers of everything. Even lovers of Russia (wait do I really love Russia? That’s a different story). In this year, the year of Russia in France, there are exhibits all over Paris showing the relationship between the two countries.

Paris is also a place of lovers of photography. Every corner is a photo opportunity!

And then Paris is also a place of lovers of Russia and photography! That’s pretty cool. Simon has found me two photo exhibits currently running about Russia and photography. Nice. Today I found myself at one of them.

It was a lazy day of jetlag, and trying to remember some French as I struggled in a conversation with Simon’s dry-cleaners about where his shirts that he dropped off in July are. Nowhere to be found, apparently. I succeeded in telling him how long I was staying in Paris (one week– he was clearly disappointed that I was not going to be here longer for the purpose of improving my French!), and where I was living. Score.

But the next part of my day was much easier, as I went into the 4th arrondismont where every second person is speaking English. On my way to said exhibit entitled “Paris/Moscou/Photographie” I stopped at a cafe for teatime (it was 3:30 by this time, and I hadn’t eaten at all — I said it was a lazy jetlagged day!). €6 coffee and apple tart on the banks of the Seine. Mmm.

The exhibit was free. Yay. Another wonderful thing about Paris: there’s so much culture, for free! The photos seemed to center around architecture— of both Paris and Moscow— dating from the 1960s to the 2000s. But knowing me, my favorite photos involved people — actually women, by Russian photographer Sandrine Elberg, who studied in Paris. She enters the private lives of several Muscovite women, to portray them in their original settings. Yet, they are wearing their street clothes and make-up, so it ends up as a confluence of both places. I love that none of these women are anorexically thin. Moscow must be the center of progress…But see for yourself:

Afterwards, I wandered around Notre Dame taking my own photos with my new (old) film camera. You’ll have to wait for those photos, as I have no idea where to get film developed (or how much it costs) in Europe! I still haven’t gotten up the courage to ask people if I can photograph them, but I have noticed that some people just photograph at will, without even asking. There were a few people just pointing and shooting (photographs) of an old woman feeding the birds. I wasn’t fast enough.

Well… the plan for the rest of the day was to take a run, but it started raining. I guess I’ll go on another adventure to the poisonnerie, and then a fruit and vegetable stand to get some salmon and potatoes for our dinner. That should be easy enough, right? Right.


2 Responses to “A Paris!”
  1. John Grogan says:

    Running in the rain is the best! Try it.

  2. Aisling says:

    I knew you would say this, so I ended up going running anyway. It was lovely! xo

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