The Dacha

So, I have been very fortunate to have a wonderful visitor last week, and I cannot go without writing about some of our experiences together. The most memorable was our trip to the dacha, (a typical summer Russian home, outside the city either in a forest or on a lake.) We were invited by my tutor Nastya to spend an evening at her family’s little country home.

Nastya's Dacha!

We cooked shahlik (Russian kebab) and had a large feast with Nastya and her boyfriend Ghenya:

Nastya and Ghenya!

and then we drank tea out of a samovar (you can really taste the smoke in the water! very tasty):

Getting the samovar ready!

Up Close!

6 am

And we walked home through the forest early in the morning….

It was really a wonderful way to get away from the bustling city! I understand now why 80% of Russian city dwellers own country dachas.


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