Russian State Choir

The Russian State Choir

The Organ

One thing that makes Russia continuously intriguing to me is the amount of performing arts events one can attend very inexpensively ($6-$20). I have already seen two ballets, as well as the Russian State Choir which toured Kazan from Moscow. (Additionally Cirque du Soleil, who is currently performing in St. Petersburg, will come to Kazan at the end of August with tickets starting at $30. This is an important effort for circus performers, many of whom are talented Russians unable to succeed in the non-existent circus scene of Russia, to return home and connect with Russian audiences. Too bad these performances will happen after we leave, for I’d never miss a chance to see this world-famous group!)

The performance of the Russian Choir was enjoyable, if a little bit inhibited in the contrast of styles. Amidst mostly traditional European classical pieces, was mixed some Russian folk songs with Ave Maria accompanied by organ to top it off. In a group of at least eighty people, the choir sounded very much like one voice, a perfect product of the old stringent and perfectionist techniques of Russian classical training. As usual in Russia, the concert was attended primarily by women over 50, unlike the ballets which seem to draw a younger crowed. Following are some photos of the ornate concert hall another great pride of the locals.


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