-Let Freedom Ring-

“Russian Women Know Everything”…according to our program director, Natasha. But when a successful wealthy business woman, also mayor of a small Siberian villiage, tries to use her money and influence to develop her town and protect it from a long winter without hot water, she ends up in jail, prosecuted by the F.S.B (formerly known as the K.G.B.). Lisvyanka is the name of the town, located just at the mouth of the Angara river, where it runs out of Lake Baikal, (we visited there last summer to see an incredible museum exhibit about the unique species of the lake!). The mayor was arrested in 2008, but American journalists seem to have gotten wind of the  story only recently. After asking too many questions, pestering those officials who did not want to give answers, it seems that these journalists got the mayor released from jail this past Wednesday. Well, this is what the New York Times says. Could it really be that persistent questioning led to a little bit of justice in Listvyanka? Or is the Times too, trying to spin a story? Nevertheless, whatever really happened, it is clear that the American practice of freedom of speech in international journalism upsets the Russian F.S.B.  just a little bit.

So here’s to making a difference and promoting freedom, not through war or violence, but through asking the right questions and writing about it.

Happy 4th of July!

One Response to “-Let Freedom Ring-”
  1. PDG says:

    Let Freedom Ring… for all.

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