The Dacha

So, I have been very fortunate to have a wonderful visitor last week, and I cannot go without writing about some of our experiences together. The most memorable was our trip to the dacha, (a typical summer Russian home, outside the city either in a forest or on a lake.) We were invited by my tutor Nastya … Continue reading

Is There Hope?

My six weeks in Kazan have brought a plethora of new experiences, many of them wonderful but many far from that. Only after living here for an extended period of time have the minute aspects of racism, homophobia, sexism and cheating come to light and many of these instances have all but driven me to … Continue reading

More Russian Friends!

With Kyosha, Anya and Ludmila

Russian State Choir

One thing that makes Russia continuously intriguing to me is the amount of performing arts events one can attend very inexpensively ($6-$20). I have already seen two ballets, as well as the Russian State Choir which toured Kazan from Moscow. (Additionally Cirque du Soleil, who is currently performing in St. Petersburg, will come to Kazan at the … Continue reading