Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva

A successful and famous Russian poet (1892-1941), Marina Tsvetaeva spent her last days in Tatarstan, a three hour bus ride from Kazan. On Sunday, our group took a trip to see her grave, and where she ended her life in the small town of Yelabuga. Her gravestone is located at the front of the municipal cemetery where she lies, though no one is for sure exactly where she was buried.

Marina Tsvetaeva's Grave

By tradition, we read some of her poems a loud and our teacher Natasha sang one of Tsvetaeva’s poems set to music and made famous through the film Ironia Sudbi (the Irony of Fate).

Though Tsvetaeva came from a family of intelligentsia and she lived in Paris and Berlin for much of her life, her husband’s work in espionage led the entire family to ruin during the early days of the Soviet Union, and Marina spent her last days alone in Elabuga, working as a dishwasher in a cafe.

Our guide tells us about Tsvetaeva's life in Yelabuga

Her house is a small and very simple one, and a visitor can see samples of her writing as well as the last letter she wrote to her son, just before hanging herself in the entry way (a place she planned carefully, as no one would be able to live in any of the rooms if someone died there).

Tsvetaeva's home where she committed suicide

But our day was not just about Tsvetaeva and her tragic death. We were able to enjoy clean air, beautiful countryside and a generous lunch.

Yelabuga is 1000 years old.

And last a photo with the друзями! (friends).

Triplets: Talia, Liz and me


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  1. PDG says:

    Hearing the poet’s words is great.

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