Hello From Kazan!

Well, I am here and settled at last. We just finished our third day of classes. I haven’t found a great way to upload my photos so I haven’t wanted to post, but I’ll figure out the Wi-Fi situation as soon as I can :)

Just a few notes:

1.) I am living with a host mother, a single woman of forty who is very sweet, feeds me a lot, but hardly eats herself. Our house is spotlessly clean, as she dusts and scrubs everything at least once a day. She is a manager at a store and she works two days for 12 hours, then has two days off. She has a son about my age who is off living somewhere else in Russia, and since he’s not there for he to spoil, I get all the attention. She’s really wonderful.

2.) Classes. We have about two hours a day of classes, and mine have all started at 12:00. So far we’ve had Russian Practice, Grammar and Literature. Literature is so far my favorite, but we have Politics tomorrow, so I’m excited about that! I walk to the Institute every day, and it takes me about half an hour to get there, and I usually go out with friends or my peer tutor (Russian friend assigned to me by the institute to show me around the city and help me with my homework) aftre class. We watch the world cup, or better, explore the city together.

3.) Kazan is a very manageable city, with changing weather. Two days ago it was so hot, that I got a sun burn from standing outside for ten minutes. Today it is cool and windy.

4.) I’m still jet-lagged, so forgive the terrible writing ;)

I hope that all is well wherever you are in the world.



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