Washington D.C.

We have just completed our two days here, and what days they were!

White House

Yesterday we had our orientation at the main building of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace…ah! Already that is inspiring!  On top of that we were addressed by a wide variety of people from CLS alums to a former Ambassador to Kazakhstan!!!! She was amazingly funny, and spoke nothing but highly of her 35 years in the foreign service. Lots of people here have spent time in Central Asia, and one of our speakers even got his undergraduate at UT Austin before living for two years in Tajikistan! The world gets smaller and smaller.

Lincoln Memorial

Also, I love love love this city. What life and beautiful architecture, though it is a bit shorter, even than parts of Austin. And everyone seems to be active and professional! Also, everyone in my group going to Kazan (27 of us!) is mature and has a real interest in Russia and everything Russian. I’m in heaven.

Washington Monument

Well, I hope you enjoy the photos! I have to go catch my plane.

xoxo Miss you all!


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