Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva

A successful and famous Russian poet (1892-1941), Marina Tsvetaeva spent her last days in Tatarstan, a three hour bus ride from Kazan. On Sunday, our group took a trip to see her grave, and where she ended her life in the small town of Yelabuga. Her gravestone is located at the front of the municipal … Continue reading

Photos of Kazan’!

Main Mosque …resulting in lots of wonderful water-related activities, such as boating, fishing, riding the ferris wheel in the Aquapark, and of course just lying on the beach! More to come, especially about the theater, and our trip to Marina Tsvetaeva’s grave. xoxo

Hello From Kazan!

Well, I am here and settled at last. We just finished our third day of classes. I haven’t found a great way to upload my photos so I haven’t wanted to post, but I’ll figure out the Wi-Fi situation as soon as I can :) Just a few notes: 1.) I am living with a … Continue reading

Washington D.C.

We have just completed our two days here, and what days they were! Yesterday we had our orientation at the main building of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace…ah! Already that is inspiring!  On top of that we were addressed by a wide variety of people from CLS alums to a former Ambassador to Kazakhstan!!!! … Continue reading